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        Useful Contacts

        Submit your questions via our online form or select the topics below to see whom to contact.

        24-hour Security / Emergency

        Main Campus: +852 3442-8888

        Student Hostel: +852 3442-1999

        University Health Centre

        Medical: +852 3442-6066

        Dental: +852 3442-6052

        Ambulance, Fire Services, and Police

        Tel: 999 or 112
        (Dial 0-999 if you were on-campus)

        Overseas Assistance to Hong Kong Residents

        Hong Kong Immigration Department

        Tel:? +852 1868

        Critical Incident Management

        CityU takes a holistic approach in risk management, comprising a top-down view at the strategic level and bottom-up processes at the operational level.? Regular review is made to the University risk matrix and risk register which identify risk areas, ownership, mitigation measures and residual risks via the following bodies:

        Adverse Weather Arrangements

        University operations and classes may be suspended under adverse weather conditions, such as typhoon as well as heavy rainstorm.? Usually the season extends from May to early November.? Hong Kong is very well prepared for these weather conditions and there are effective warning systems to warn people and instruct them the precaution measures.? You may refer to the University Adverse Weather Arrangements website for more information.

        Medical and Dental Clinics

        Young Chung-yee Health Centre


        Admissions Office

        For Undergraduate Programmes:

        Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies

        For Research Degree, Professional Doctorate & Taught-postgraduate Programmes:

        Academic Regulations and Records

        Academic Regulations and Records Office

        For undergraduate studies:

        Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies

        For postgraduate studies:

        Student Counselling Services

        Counselling Services

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