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        nobel sicence week

        Key Lectures

        A?Platform for Top Academics

        To promote academic exchange and stimulate intellectual vitality, CityU invites world-renowned scholars, high calibre figures from the community and social elites to deliver lectures on a wide range of topics for the university community and public.?

        The President’s Lecture Series offers a platform for CityU academics to discuss various academic investigations with students, faculty members and staff across the CityU community.

        Prof Way Kuo

        The President’s Lecture Series

        A platform for CityU academics to discuss wide-ranging academic investigations with students, faculty and staff across the CityU community.


        University Distinguished Lecture Series

        A platform for the University community to meet, listen to, and talk with external distinguished speakers and scholars to introduce new and exciting ideas, as well as knowledge exchange.

        Prof Serge Haroche

        Hong Kong Institute for Advanced Study Distinguished Lectures and Events

        HKIAS Distinguished Lectures, conferences, symposiums, and workshops for renowned scholars, including some of the best minds in science, engineering and technology, are organized to provide a platform for research fellows, young scholars and students to exchange ideas among academic communities locally, regionally and internationally.


        France-HK Distinguished Lecture Series

        A series of high-profile lectures organised by CityU under the auspices of the French Academy of Sciences, the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau, and The Légion d’Honneur Club Hong Kong Chapter, to promote collaboration with global academic talent, cross-fertilisation of ideas, and the creation of new knowledge.

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