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        Change LDAP User Account Password

        (earlier known as Change Application Password)

        This form allows you to change your LDAP User Account Password for the following centrally provided services:

        • AIMS
        • Sports Facilities Booking & Information System
        • SDS Counselling Services Booking

        The new password does not apply to the following:

        To change those passwords, please click the corresponding links above.

        More on Computer Accounts & Electronic ID (EID)

        While typing the account ID and passwords, please be aware that they are case-sensitive (e.g. "acbbb" is not equal to "ACBBB").

        Old LDAP User Account Password

        Enter your account and old password below for verification.

        e.g. wongcm, lamyy4

        New LDAP User Account Password

        Enter your new password twice.

        Password Tips:
        • it must be 8 - 64 characters in length.
        • it must be alphanumeric '0-9', 'a-z' and 'A-Z', e.g. C6a4h99bb.
        • it must include at least 1 Uppercase letter, 1 Lowercase letter and 1 digit.
        • it is case-sensitive, e.g. "acbbb" is not equal to "ACBBB".
        • allow special characters
          ! $ ' ( ) * - . / ; ? @ [ \ ] ^ _ ` { | } ~
        • alternatively, use a passphrase no longer than 64 characters for added security, containing a series of words not commonly found in literature or music preferably with spaces, punctuations and unexpected characters that are unique or specific only to you.
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